November 13, 2015

A Week At Limelight Design Studio

Hello my name is Rosa from County Upper School and  I have spent a week of work experience at the Limelight Design Studio.

What made you choose us for work experience?

For my first week I decided to go to Eastgate vets but this week I chose Limelight because I am interested in graphics design and wanted to try it out in a work environment to try and decide what I would like to further study.

Have you enjoyed your time here?

Yes, I have enjoyed getting to learn new programs like InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Also, the experience has been really fun as all the employees are very friendly and helpful. I have liked being able to create my own designs like this:elliottyrell
















What have you learnt during your time?

I have learnt how to use programs that i have never used before as well as interacting with customers and the physical side of printing.

Has this made you more aware of how a graphics business works? 

Yes, I think so, because i have been able to see the process of designing and printing as well as the management and problem solving that you need in the workplace.


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November 13, 2015


melissa stannard